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Welcome to the International Records Management Trust

The International Records Management Trust is in its 24th year of supporting access to information for citizens and strengthening accountability by helping governments manage public sector records.


A UK registered charity governed by a board of trustees, the IRMT was created in 1989 and has worked with dozens of governments over the years to help strengthen records systems. Its ongoing programmes of development research and educational and consultancy services offer new solutions to records issues, particularly as governments make the transition to working in the electronic environment. Over the years, the IRMT has given particular attention to human resource, financial and court records.

Please feel free to use any of our products without charge or let us know if we can help.

Open Government and Trustworthy Records

Open Government has the potential to break the cycle of poverty by promoting transparency, empowering citizens, reducing corruption and improving governance through new technologies.


It offers two main ways of accessing government information: Open Data and the Right to Information. Together they should give citizens the greatest possible amount of reliable information. The Right to Information is of little use if reliable records are not created in the first place or cannot be found when needed. Open Data can be misleading or open to political manipulation if it cannot be traced to reliable sources (paper and digital).

Trustworthy information is at the heart of transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, citizens’ rights and economic development. Trustworthy records are at the heart of trustworthy information. The IRMT, in partnership with the International Council on Archives, works with governments to manage this fundamental resource for openness.